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Jan 22, 2013 1:40am PST
for election again, so the next four years, you got the sense that he was going to push for social change and you heard him use the word "together" at least seven times in his speech. he's going to be calling on americans for the next four years to be hammering it out with their local congressman and their local senators to try and push issues like gun reform immigration reform and for the first time, we heard a president use the term gay for gay marriage ever in an inaugural speech. so it was a different tone than four years ago. >> brandi hitt live for us. thank you, brandi. some folks said it seemed more like a state of the union address than it did an inaugural. he hit so many policies, whether it was climate change, the gay rights issue, equal pay for equal work, immigration reform. he referenced newtown, which obviously is the gun control battle going on. so he covered a wide range of things. he hit it hard, too. more of a progressive speech than a centrist speech. which some republicans are not going to like. >> you can do that on your second term. >>> later this half hour, we'll t
Jan 21, 2013 3:00am PST
that the celebrations are about the country and its citizens, not the election results. also vice president joe biden and his family greeted supporters at the latino inaugural party. >> hundreds of thousands are gathering on the national mall to see history being made. >> and while officials say right now there is no credible threat, security, as you can imagine, is once again extremely tight. >> reporter: they will be everywhere, snipers dotting roof tops, the coast guard patrolling waterways, military fighter jets enforcing a no-fly zone. 13,000 security personnel blanketing the washington mall. >> protecting an event this large, this complex with this number of people coming requires a lot of coordination and a lot of organization. >> reporter: all coordinating here. the multiagency communications center overseen by the secret service at an undisclosed location. they'll monitor surveillance images and potential threats. the 2009 inauguration was a logistical nightmare, hundreds of ticketholders getting stuck in this tunnel. authorities say this time it will be better. >> there will be such a diffe
Jan 23, 2013 1:40am PST
in yesterday's election. netanyahu did win, but a surprisingly strong showing by a political newcomer turned pre-election forecasters on their heads. that means netanyahu may be forced to make a stronger effort at peace with the palestinians. >>> there's relief for dozens of american families who feared they would not be able to adopt children from russia. overnight, the american embassy in moscow confirmed 46 pending adoptions are being allowed to proceed. some of those adopted children may arrive in the u.s. today. they were put in jeopardy when russia banned american adoptions on january 1. >>> the new poll reveals changing views on american immigration policies. 60% of americans favor a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants in the u.s. just three years ago, only half of those polled favored such a move. republicans are leading the change with 53% favoring citizenship for illegal immigration. that's up dramatically from three years ago. >> more fallout from the election perhaps. >>> and now to the growing outrage in los angeles over the just released documents in the roman catholi
Jan 18, 2013 2:35am EST
someone to investigate you. >> you got it all worked out, huh? >> perhaps that's why people keep electing me, billy. >> political corruption, can we say? "the l.a. times" says in terms of mark wahlberg, everything he does, "broken" comes as a rare disappointment. only a 23% favorable rating on rotten tomatoes. >> in the mood for a thriller? "momma." >> i don't like scary movies. >> it telling the haunting story of two little girls that disappears in the woods when their mother is murdered. they found out someone or something still wants to tuck them in at night. the couple that takes them in wonder it is they're the only guests they just welcomed into their home. take a look. >> what's wrong? what's under the bed? ahhhhhh! >> paula couldn't look for real. she's looking down. my goodness. any way, this is from the "chicago tribune," 3 1/2 stars, a reminder that the best chills don't involve chain saws, blood and guts. the san francisco chronicle liked it a lot. rotten tomatoes gave it 62 1/2. >> these two movies, i don't think we're going to see them. >> not a big fan of the thriller? >> n
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)